Global players collaborate

In the wake of falling milk sales in some developed countries, most notably the US, major global players are collaborating to find innovative ways to promote dairy, it emerged on the final day of the World Dairy Summit, held this week at the Cape Town International Convention Centre. “Economic contractions shake consumers out of their […]

Vital role of dairy in chronic disease risk reduction

It’s time to “tune up the communication engine” and begin to promote the role of dairy in chronic disease risk reduction. This was the view put forward by Gregory Miller, president of the Dairy Research Institute during the Marketing conference at the IDF World Dairy Summit. In a presentation, entitled Promoting the nutritional advantages of […]

Dairy producers under pressure

Contrary to most countries around the world, the South African dairy industry operates as a free market system. The industry is exposed to relatively low import tariffs, is involved in numerous international trade agreements, has no quota systems or pricing restrictions/structure, and receives no subsidies from the government. This is according to Dr Koos Coetzee […]